Disused, derelict mining railtrack

Derelict Mine Railtrack

Remains of the rail delivery gradient

As I said in a previous post (Derelict Mine Workings) about the derelict mining site, its good to get away from the usual commercial photography and, indeed, the normal landscape photography I do for relaxation.

As you will see from another photograph i’ll publish later, I did go onto the start of this bridging structure, but it didn’t appear prudent to go any further. The reason for this is fairly obvious – the tracks themselves were corroding and the concrete supports, crumbling. In any case, there was little to be gained by going along the trackway – it wouldn’t have provided any sort of improved viewpoint.


About Stephen G

Commercial lifestyle photography is what we do. My first love is landscape photography, though I would love to be a travel photographer. Personally, I follow the activities of many photographers in all genres. My other loves are ancient Egypt and Theology.
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