Darlington Operatic Society – 1940s Styling Exercise

Hair_and_maekup_19402_3_Darlington_OperaticTowards the end of 2015, Darlington Operatic Society put on a production of South Pacific which was thoroughly enjoyable.  To help get the chorus girls (even sounds 40s !) into character and feeling like 40s girls a workshop was arranged to help them be able to put their hair into the right kind of shape and style for the period.  Additionally they were shown how the girls of the day used the makeup they had to best advantage.  I think some of the girls found it harder than they first imagined.  However, they stuck to it and it was easy to see how beneficial the session had been when you saw the show.  They all really looked the business.


The Teacher !

The Teacher !

The group had obtained the services of a young woman who loves all things from that era. She was brilliant at showing the girls how to get their hair into the styles that were appropriate.  In doing so, she went through the ins and outs of the techniques and how to get the best out of what they were doing.  She also showed them how to get their makeup looking right for the times.  The girls obviously enjoyed what they were doing, but with limited time and new techniques only two of them managed to get the complete look.  The session was run with great enthusiasm by both demonstrator and participants and, as I said earlier, the girls did really well as they certainly looked the part when they came to do the show.


Hair_and_makeup_1940s_2_Darlington_OperaticThe first shot and this one are the two participants that managed to get their look sorted by the end of the session.  I think they look great !  It was a definite ‘well done’ and thumbs up for the hard work they all put in just to give their chorus part a bit more authenticity.

I was very pleased to have been asked to join them to take a few shots.


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