Another Hotel Shoot

Hotel_Dining_Room_North_EastAlthough I’ve titled this post as “Another Hotel Shoot” it was, in reality, the very first full shoot of this nature we did.  Fortunately there had been no rush to complete the task so we were able to do it over several days.  This was really the only way we could get into all the areas of the hotel while it was empty.

There were a couple of areas that were a real challenge where the lighting varied dramatically across the room despite the time of day.  So this was another first for us, as we took several portable studio lights to try to even out the lighting.

Initially we were asked to do the shoot so that they could put together a brochure for corporate clients.  In the end we produced a slideshow which they then decided to use as the corporate brochure.  As a result we put a soundtrack to the show and designed the packaging for the DVD, which we ultimately had produced.

This was a very enjoyable project for which the client had been surprised at the result and changed their brief accordingly.  Fortunately, there being no tight timescale we were able to accommodate the change in brief and re-priced accordingly.

Once again, we were grateful for the opportunity given to us.  If you have premises you would like photographed, please get in touch and find out what we can do to help you.

Thankyou for viewing.


About Stephen G

Commercial lifestyle photography is what we do. My first love is landscape photography, though I would love to be a travel photographer. Personally, I follow the activities of many photographers in all genres. My other loves are ancient Egypt and Theology.
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