Ullswater in the morning

09D_10758_G2D5274-EditWe lived in Cumbria for several years, not that far from Ullswater and Haweswater so I spent a bit of time walking around these areas.  My favourite time was early morning and several times I was there for sunrise – or not as was usually the case.  Like anywhere at sunrise, it can be a magical time of day and provide some very atmospheric images.  This was taken near to the Glencoyne car park.

08D_9894_G2D4514BThis second image was taken from the same area, just a little further along the shoreline.  Yes, I said shoreline.  This part of the lake has, under normal circumstances, a shingle shore.  It’s a place my wife and I spent quite a bit of time – me taking photographs while she did some sketching.  During the day there were often ducks and other waterfowl in the area.  I love to see reflections in water like this.  As you can see, it was a very still morning.

08D_9904_G2D4524-EditThis image was taken, again, in the morning as the cloud was lifting.  It was the blue colour that made me stop and take several shots.  It was intense compared to normal.  Along the lakeside there are small areas where the car can be parked, and some have areas on the lakeside where travel chairs can be put up and a picnic enjoyed.  Some of these areas offer great opportunities for photographs.

I have quite a lot of images of this area if anyone is interested in having copies.  Some are on my general website – http://www.gardinerphotography.co.uk – but there are many more.




About Stephen G

Commercial lifestyle photography is what we do. My first love is landscape photography, though I would love to be a travel photographer. Personally, I follow the activities of many photographers in all genres. My other loves are ancient Egypt and Theology.
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3 Responses to Ullswater in the morning

  1. Dina says:

    One of my favourites in the District. Beautiful impressions, Stephen.

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