About Us

After a number of years of ill health, our business is being re-launched.  We are primarily a Commercial Lifestyle Photography business operating in the Co. Durham area.  Our main area of operation is with the Leisure Industry – predominantly Hotel photography, B & B photography, Restaurant photography and Public House photography.  However, we are also involved in product and food photography.  A new venture for us will be in Lifestyle / Environmental Portraits.

We provide photography for all kinds of purposes.  In the past our images have been used for web sites, brochures, DVD corporate brochures, feedback cards, etc.  This, of course, is by no means the limits of what our images can be used for.

In leisure, product and food photography, we involve the local staff fully and determine what is important to the owner of the establishment or product prior to carrying out the work. While staff do not normally feature in the images we take, there is no reason why they cannot.

The staff help us to stage the interiors or food to their best advantage. This produces images that are styled in the way that management require.  For product photography, this various depending on the size and number of products.  Sometimes, after discussing requirements, we take the products away to photograph.

Images can be supplied in different formats.  Initially, they are provided on a DVD (if appropriate) as a slideshow for review.  In the past we have used slideshows with soundtracks to provide a company brochure, with a creative cover and sleeve.  In addition, images have been provided for websites, for exhibitions, etc.  Where images are commissioned for use on a web site they often e-mailed, although we are looking at alternatives.

In addition to images taken of the specific business, we have also provided images from our stock to be used for wall mounting, customer response cards, DVD covers, business cards and a wallpaper in a reception area.  To see a wide range of images we’ve taken please check out our main gallery.  To get a more general flavour of what we can offer then to our main site Gardiner Photography

We can supply a range of products from basic image prints, to acrylic block sandwiches and digital press products such as brochures and postcards.

If would like to discuss any requirements please go to the Contact Form on the web site and let us know what you would like to discuss.